About Us

Ways Infotech LLC is a focused IT infrastructure services company catering to the ever-changing business needs of clients. Since 1997 Ways Infotech has spread the business over the entire middle east.

Our umbrella of brands comprises solutions in Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, Wireless Technology, Networking & IT Security, and Business Solutions that add value and save costs for organizations.

In 2010 the company expanded with the mission of supporting the larger SI in the development of activity in the Middle east. Ways Infotech was then acquired in 2018.

In short, we are an ICT solutions and services provider in the UAE, with a success story that spans over 12 years.

We are the leaders in IT solutions for all sectors. Our strategic solutions and service standards are designed to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction with a proven track record of success. 

Our dedicated team of Engineering and Sales are never restricted to any particular brand. We prefer working under the direction of our clients while providing support and consultation for their unique business needs.


Our mission is to procure a value-added technological environment for SI, small-to-medium-sized, businesses that will spearhead business growth and foster innovative changes within the Middle East.


Our Vision is to be the most trusted IT advisor and critical partner our clients recognize for delivering excellence.

About Our Business Mission & Values

We strongly believe in providing quality service and customer retention. A successful customer experience is the heart and soul of all our efforts. Because we value:

  • Integrity: At WAYS INFOTECH we respect the highest international ethical standards. We strive to support our clients in all sectors to meet complex challenges through trusted advice and key services.
  • Boldness: We ensure to be Bold on the market, in our company and with our clients. Our objective is to provide innovative and unique solutions that will not only make you successful but also unique in the market.
  • Honesty: We value honesty and equality which is why at WAYS INFOTECH, clients are treated like family. We keep our relations with the clients as transparent as possible.
  • Trustworthiness: At WAYS INFOTECH, it is our privilege to serve you, which means that if there is handling of personal or sensitive information, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement to reassure you that your details will not be shared with any other person.
  • Accountability: At WAYS INFOTECH, our objective is to minimize the carbon footprint. In this way, we value the highest e-contract technology and digital business practices. Because of this, we take ESG matters seriously to achieve opportunities, advance responsible business practices, and transform our long-term performance.

About Our Business Aim & Objectives

Our organization has made service quality its distinctive feature through the experience and high professionalism of our advisors who, by combining their skills and expertise, provide a wide range of Infrastructure Solutions, Contract Staffing, Data Network, Server & System Management, Cloud Solutions, and Artificial Intelligence & Analytics. 

Additionally, Through our partners, based in the Middle East, specifically in Dubai but also abroad, such as IBM, Microsoft, Bitdefender, Bitdefender, Mimecast, Eaton, and Nexans we aim to provide bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals.

About Our Services

  1. Progressive Business Solutions: Implementing and supporting leading business solutions and providing IT & Cloud-based services for small to medium-sized organizations.
  2. Management IT Services: Supports the organization by maintaining the infrastructure and application services with a high availability platform.
  3. Cloud Advisory: Providing great user experience by ensuring the cloud-enabled applications are highly available with the best performance.
  4. Business Continuity Management: ​​Helping you build and improve the resilience of your organization, identifying the key services and products.
  5. DevOps Services: Automate the development process faster with continuous integration and deployment.
    Training & Development: Effective training and career growth using the best training methods, tools, and techniques.

About Business Clients

In the past years we have formed a strong client network. The main contributors to our success are WIPRO, and M Tech Mahind. 

Our collaboration with WIPRO was highly based on networking management and physical HW. 

While, Ways Infotech collaboration with M Tech Mahind, was in support nature, where we assisted with Remote Desktop support. 

About Our Managing Director

Mario Gay, MD

Mario Gay for the past 25 years has specialized in the MENA region in the IT industry as an employee, consultant, manager, teacher and shareholder. 

His formative years began at Intel in 1997, where he joined as the Finance & Administrative Controller and concluded as a Senior Investment Manager for the MENA Region. 

His responsibilities ranged from budgeting and reporting about the legal entities of Italy, Greece, Turkey, Dubai and South Africa to managing the Venture Capital and M&A investment activity across South Europe & Middle East and Africa. In merit to his hard work in 2006 he achieved the ‘Intel Finance Achievement Award’.

For the last decade, Mario was the MD, Shareholder and leader of a trainee programme at Mindware, a leading IT Distributor, part of MIDIS Group, in the MENA Region with an organization of 160 people with yearly revenue over US$350 million. As thes CFO he was instrumental in the restructuring of the company with the implementation of cross border ERP & CRM & BTB systems and Electronic Market Place, for IT Cloud Products. He also guided the Sales growth, developed the product portfolios, added new IT franchises, and opened new entities across the MENA region, resulting in the enlargement of the customer base; moving from 500 resellers to 3000 active customers. 

All of this success was attributed to the motivational and leadership skills he applied to each employee inorder to work alongside with his team in the intent to increase performance and staff satisfaction.

Currently he is the owner of two companies in the IT industry, and while he enjoys the excitement of working in the frontlines with many businessmen he also enjoys giving back to the community as a visiting professor at the Turin University.

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