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The Eaton 5SC UPS provides line-interactive, affordable, and reliable protection for small business servers in any kind of installation constraints. Complementing our range of industry-leading UPSs, the 5SC includes an LCD interface for real-time status and measurements, implements manageability solutions compatible with most IT platforms, and provides sinewave output for compatibility with most sensitive IT types of equipment.


Graphical LCD

The new graphical LCD provides clear information on the UPS’s status and measurements on a single screen (in seven languages). LCD display position can be adjusted to offer the best viewable angle for tower and rack usage.


With an optional network card and Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Software Suite compatible with all major OS 9SX seamlessly integrates with leading virtualisation environments and cloud orchestrations tools.

Extended runtime

Eaton 9SX UPS allows you to increase the runtime by adding external hot-swappable battery modules, able to run systems for hours if necessary. The additional battery modules are automatically recognized by the UPS.

Eaton 5SC UPS – Technical Specification



UPS Models

Part NumberPower Rating (VA/Watts)Input PlugOutput Receptacles
9SX1000I1000 VA, 900 WC14(6) C13, Tower
9SX1000IR1000 VA, 900 WC14(6) C13, Rack, 2U
9SX11KI11 kVA, 10 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 6U
9SX11KIPM11 kVA, 10 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 3U
9SX11KIRT11 kVA, 10 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 6U, Rack-mounting kit included
9SX1500I1500 VA, 1350 WC14Outputs: (6) C13, Tower
9SX1500IR1500 VA, 1350 WC14(6) C13, Rack, 2U
9SX2000I2000 VA, 1800 WC14(8) C13, Tower
9SX2000IR2000 VA, 1800 WC14(8) C13, Rack, 2U
9SX3000I3000 VA, 2700 WC20(8) C13, (1) C19, Tower
3000 VA, 2700 WC20(8) C13, (1) C19, Rack, 2U
9SX5KI5000 VA, 4500 WHardwired, Tower 
9SX5KIRT5000 VA, 4500 WHardwired(8) C13, (2) C19, Hardwired, Rack/tower, 3U
9SX6KI6000 VA, 5400 WHardwired, Tower 
9SX6KIRT6000 VA, 5400 WHardwired(8) C13, (2) C19, Hardwired, Rack/tower, 3U
9SX700I700 VA, 630 WC14(6) C13, Tower
9SX8KI8 kVA, 7.2 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 6U
9SX8KIPM8 kVA, 7.2 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 3U
9SX8KIRT8 kVA, 7.2 kWHardwiredHardwired, Rack/tower, 6U, Rack-mounting kit included

Additional information

Power Rating

700-3000 VA




40-70Hz, 50/60Hz autoselection, frequency converter mode



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